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Carrie Mackey

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Keepin it Real!

Carrie knows exactly what her clients are going through.

All of the questions, all of the challenges, all of the emotions involved with moving? She's experienced the gamut.

Carrie's desire to help other people through the home buying/selling process led to her career as a real estate agent.

Beginning in 1999, Carrie, her husband of 29 years, and their three children relocated seven times to seven different states, settling in Fairhope, Alabama in 2013. Job opportunities in her husband's industry took them on an adventure around the country. Without the nearby support of family and friends, they worked hard to re-establish their lives each time in Illinois, Florida, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Colorado, Michigan, and eventually Alabama. (It was like being a pioneer, just with a nicer ride and better bathroom facilities.)

Ensuring her kids were placed in good schools was Carrie's full time job for 15 years. She is not only a parent but a former elementary school teacher. She has been an active advocate for public education in every state she has lived, spending her first 6 years in Fairhope on the board of directors for The Fairhope Educational Enrichment Foundation (FEEF), spending two years as president.

In addition, Carrie has a keen eye for remodeling and redecorating. She has never let a wall stand in her way to an open concept kitchen. Where others see a blank space, she sees a blank canvas. To her, one man's over-sized door is another man's DIY table top. Her love of creating living spaces rather than simply filling a space with stuff also makes her a great resource for sellers who need advice on keeping a home "show ready".

Change is hard, even good change.

That change may look like moving across town, across the state, or across the country. And while everyone expects that making new friends will be one of the challenges, they don't always anticipate the importance of a good homebuyer/seller-real estate agent relationship.

"When you close on a house and cannot move in for 6 weeks, I may load my mower into the back of my Honda Pilot and cut your grass every week until you move in. When a friend feels like her new house is not as wonderful as the old house I will drop off a hammer, crayons, and a sketch book and encourage her to start dreaming and creating a new wonderful. I will rap for a bus full of teenagers and show up to a cocktail party in my pajamas. I will host backyard dinners before high school dances and will leave cupcakes and Doritos on a neighbor's front porch when I know they are having a bad day. It's how I roll."

Carrie Mackey
Owner and Associate Broker
Mobile Bay Realty

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