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Monthly Archives: November 2023

    Winter Wonderland: Why December is a Great Time to Buy Your Dream Home

    By Alison Ward | November 28, 2023

    Amid the holiday hustle and bustle, many might not consider December as an optimal time to dive into the real estate market. However, this season can be surprisingly advantageous for those looking to buy their dream home. In the real estate, winter often carries the misconception of a slowdown. Contrary to popular belief, this season... Read More

    December Extravaganza: Embrace the Festivities!

    By Alison Ward | November 28, 2023

    Get ready to kick off December with a bang because we’ve got an exciting lineup of festive events coming your way. Brace yourselves for the spectacular Christmas parades that will be turning our streets into a winter wonderland. From Daphne to Fairhope, it’s a holiday extravaganza you won’t want to miss! For all you food... Read More

    A Festive Tapestry of Community Events

    By Alison Ward | November 2, 2023

    In the upcoming weeks, our Baldwin County community is set to buzz with a vibrant array of events, celebrating the spirit of togetherness, artistic expression and the holiday season. First, Fairhope pays homage to our veterans with a solemn yet proud Veterans Day Parade, honoring the brave souls who’ve served our nation. Meanwhile, Daphne hosts... Read More

    Preparing Your Home for Holiday Guests: A Warm Welcome Awaits

    By Alison Ward | November 2, 2023

    As the holiday season approaches, the idea of hosting friends and family fills the air with excitement and warmth. Ensuring your home is a haven of hospitality requires a blend of thoughtful preparation and genuine care. Begin by infusing your space with a sense of cleanliness and order. A clutterfree environment not only promotes a... Read More

    Your Sedgefield Home is Waiting for You!

    By Carrie Mackey | November 2, 2023

    – 385 Surtees St– Nestled within the quaint and idyllic streets of the Sedgefield Neighborhood lies a hidden gem that embodies the essence of dreamy Southern living – 385 Surtees St. This charming residence encapsulates the warmth and allure of the South, offering not just a house but a haven brimming with stories waiting to... Read More