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“Art and About” on the Eastern Shore!

If you have ever strolled through Downtown Fairhope, then I’m sure you’ve encountered the topic of today’s blog!

I’ve got a short and sweet read for you today…I really just wanted to hop on and talk for a bit about one of my FAVORITE things about this charming town and supportive community we find ourselves so blessed to live in! And that is: local artwork! One of Fairhope’s trademarks is its love of art and all sorts of artistic expression. I feel like no matter where I go, I’m always bumping into creative artwork, whether it’s traditional wall art hanging in an office, or a beautiful conglomeration in a neighbor’s front yard…it all speaks to the artists’ individual ability to create!

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Pretty much every brick and mortar business wants some sort of artwork for its walls, right? I mean, that’s a big part of what sets the tone for the place! Who wants to walk into an office with large, empty walls staring back at you? I love to walk into a business for the first time, look around, and see what kind of art they’re displaying! A lot of times, it helps me get a feel for what that company is like. Well, a huge player in keeping our Eastern Shore businesses well-stocked with unique artwork is the Eastern Shore Art Center! Their “Art and About” program currently has 13 different businesses on rotation throughout Fairhope, Daphne, and Montrose, to receive new selections of local artists’ creations every several months. Things never get stagnant! The still-life acrylic paintings that I saw in the dentist’s office last month will have given way to glass-printed photography by next month, so there is always new variety to experience.

I love the talent that I come across every day. I would definitely count supporting local as a core value of mine, and I’m proud and thankful to live in a city that feels the same!

Want to talk more about the “Art and About” program? I’d love to have that conversation with you! Give me a call (Anne Dorman) @ 251-656-5758!

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