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Be a Part of the Mobile Porch Parade!⚜️?⚜️

photo cred: @revelrybloom

It’s that time of the year!

Time for the parades, the music, the food, the lights, and the costumes of one of the biggest festivals of the year (if not THE biggest festival of the year in this area!)…yes, Mardi Gras! My family absolutely loves visiting the Mardi Gras parades in Baldwin and Mobile counties; we simply wouldn’t miss it! Especially since our very own city of Mobile claims the honor of being the birthplace of Mardi Gras, we definitely take advantage of living so close, and take part in as much as we can! So…like many others, I was admittedly a bit disappointed when the news came that the full parade as normal would be canceled. BUT! Thanks to the wonderfully innovative city of Mobile, the parade is still happening! Even if it looks a little different this year, we’ve gotten kind of used to that, right? I still plan to enjoy what is shaping up to be a smashing 2021 Mobile Porch Parade!

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photo – Mobile Porch Parade FB page

How it works is that instead of everyone gathering in one place to watch the parade to move through, the people will move through the “parade!” Evidently, over 400 homes and businesses have registered to participate by decorating their porches or front yards. I’ve seen some glimpses of the effort and detail that some Mobilians have put into their “floats” so far, and so I’m really looking forward to seeing the full picture! To “attend” the porch parade, you can drive in your car, walk, bike – however you prefer. There is a suggested parade map provided here, or you can create your own!

photo cred: @Susan Muenzen Comeaux

Along with being happy that there is still some sort of festivities happening for Mardi Gras this year, I love that the Porch Parade is benefitting float makers, small businesses, and local artists who are being directly affected by the original parades being canceled. Those who registered for the Porch Parade have been able to rent float props to use for their home “floats,” which has been great for the local suppliers. So, as of TODAY, the parade map is live for you to go ahead and start enjoying, and the organizers even curated the perfect playlist, t00 (check it out here)!

Are you planning on being part of the Mobile Porch Parade? I’d love to hear! Text or call anytime (251) 232-9901?

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