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Color Psychology is in the Future of Home Design

Color Design Pulls from Color Psychology

Even if you’re not selling or buying a house, picking a paint color can have change how a room looks, and more importantly… how it feels! Get some inspo from Valspar’s 2023 Colors of the Year, which were chosen with color psychology in mind. Valspar’s color experts considered a “specific facet or emotion of life” that relates to the home. The company hopes to evoke “comfort, acceptance, and joy” with their colors of the year.

An easy way to prep your house for market, or just put a little life into a room is to paint a fresh color on the walls! And if the color you chose sparks joy and beauty, then it’s sure to be a hit!

The full list of colors is below:

  1. Ivory Brown
  2. Cozy White
  3. Gentle Violet
  4. Blue Arrow
  5. Flora
  6. Desert Carnation
  7. Green Trellis
  8. Rising Tide
  9. Holmes Cream
  10. Southern Road
  11. Villa Gray
  12. Everglade Deck

Our personal favorite: Blue Arrow.

Let us know if you plan on using any of these colors in your home!

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