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Don’t Buy Something You Don’t Love

Autumn & Jeff Lewis

One thing I tell all clients is don’t buy something you don’t love.  Twenty years ago or so I saw a fabulous famous designer on a TV talk show, someone along the lines of a Nate Berkus or Jeff Lewis or Jonathan Adler type, say that they don’t buy anything for their home that they don’t love.  He said he loves his drinking glasses, he loves his forks, and so on. I can’t remember the point- probably talking about great design and what it means to him.  I thought, “what a great way to live.”  I adopted that concept years ago, not really even realizing it.  I have light pink drinking glasses with a raised crocodile pattern.  I thought they were the most fun drinking glasses ever.  Yes, they’re pink and overly girly, but my husband doesn’t care.  He probably didn’t notice they’re pink.  My most favorite glasses- a HomeGoods special- are Waterford Crystal with a Ralph Lauren-reminiscent plaid.  They’re more sophisticated than the pink ones and make every drink taste better.  Our dinner forks were something our daughter fell in love with at the store- something with a Bridgerton-type feel.  I say all of this to say that I believe you should love everything in your home.  When I’m helping clients select light fixtures or countertops or a piece of art, I always ask them, “do you love it?”  I’d challenge you to look at your next purchase the same way.  Your home is your space.  It’s your place of respite.  Surround yourself with things you love.  And hopefully, your home will be your favorite place.
Waterford glasses
Autumn & Gage with Jeff Lewis Design

Autumn is a REALTOR® at Mobile Bay Realty and principal of Autumn Gann Design Management. Feel free to reach out to Autumn @ 251-654-2100

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