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Fall Yard Maintenance

Don’t Forget About These 4 Maintenance Items in the Fall!

Even though it stays warm down in the South, just the thought of fall has us less tempted to be outside and spend more time snuggled at home. But now is not the time to slack on your yard maintenance! Don’t let it turn into a bigger mistake – act now! Take note of these 4 things to tackle before winter comes!

  • Don’t let the debris pile up in your gutters

Not cleaning out your gutters could cause damage to the roof since pooling water can rot your fascia, shingles, and the edge of your roofline. Worst of all, an overflowing gutter can damage your home’s foundation.

Make sure to take out the fall foliage from that gutter before it becomes more than a pain!

  • Don’t forget about the critters in your area

As the months grow colder, critters are going to search for a warm space. Take time to examine any crawl spaces in and under your home!

Unless you love having a raccoons and possums as neighbors!

Don’t let tools, patio, or pool furniture go unnoticed. Rain can pool in these items and attract unwanted pests.

  • Don’t let your yard become an afterthought

You might assume that the rain during the fall season will take care of watering your lawn, but you still need to maintain a regular schedule. Experts say your lawn should get 1 to 1.5 inches per week during the fall. If your lawn is not getting regular moisture, you need to water it.

Use the footprint test to determine if you’ve been watering your lawn enough. Walk across the lawn, and see if the grass blades spring back. If they do, your lawn has adequate moisture. If you can still see your footprint in the grass, your lawn needs more water.

  • Don’t miss those pesky weeds

The cooler temperatures bring frost that may kill weeds, but weeds are persistent little buggers.

Weeds, like fall dandelion, are taking root right now, and it’s a good idea to eliminate them before they get out of control. The frosty weather might kill the weeds in your yard, but they might require more intervention. Apply an herbicide or pull the weeds by hand.

Take care of your home this fall!

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