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How Much Do You Know About the Fairhope RYC?

Many of our local charitable organizations bring me such happiness, through the amazing work they do for the people of our community.

Without a doubt, one of the organizations at the top of that list is the Fairhope/Point Clear Rotary Youth Club. My heart swells to see the way this group of selfless, intentional givers pours into our young people. Their goal is to see each child reach their full potential, flourish where they are at, and develop in all their abilities. To this end, RYC offers an after-school care program, Pre-K, and academics over the summer. The after-school care program is an excellent atmosphere where students can get tutoring for homework if they need it, and can also be a part of music lessons, art lessons, or swim lessons. RYC‘s Pre-K program functions 5 days a week, with the current Pre-K class comprising almost 20 children! And the summer program is offered to elementary through high-school aged students, including multiple field trips along with enrichment courses in reading, math, and science, for the purpose of keeping the young ones’ minds sharp and engaged in between school years.

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The Fairhope/Point Clear Rotary Youth Club traces its beginnings all the way back to December of 1996. Since then, the organization has expanded to provide a renovated gym, updated classrooms, and a computer lab, among other facilities. Up next on the agenda is the kitchen! RYC aims to teach children how to be comfortable in the kitchen and how to make wise meal choices. This goes hand in hand with the community garden that the kids are trained to grow throughout the year! Unfortunately, RYC had to shut down its after-school program this past spring due to Covid-19, but their aid to the community did not stop with that: they turned their focus to providing meals to children in need and also delivering care packages to the elderly. It was an honor to be able to personally help with some of that distribution earlier this year. RYC continues to grow, keep its offerings affordable for families, and positively impact young people’s lives–all based on donations and partnerships with local businesses, churches, and individuals. Our area is definitely better off for all of their diligent work!

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