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Let’s Talk Outdoor Design?

photo credit: Catherine Arensberg

Can I please just take a couple of minutes to tell you about one of my FAVORITE people, and how what SHE does, applies to YOU?

Catherine Arensberg has got to be one of the most inspirational people I have encountered. From all that I have seen of this talented woman, she is truly an expert in her field, with extensive knowledge as well as a natural gift that makes her exceptional at what she does! And by now you’re wondering what is it, exactly, that she does? Catherine is a landscape designer of yards and outdoor spaces. As she so perfectly puts it, a lot of us have a vision for our interior style, but sometimes draw a blank (anybody else? ???‍♀️) when it comes to designing our porches, yards, or garden beds. Sometimes all we need is a little nudge in the right direction, in order to take on the outdoor projects ourselves and make it happen as we want. But other times…we just need an expert to step in and take control?

That is what I love so much about Catherine: she does both! She is constantly providing amazing and helpful content on how to spruce up your outdoor space with accents like Japanese string gardens, or how to make caring for your front landscaping a bit easier with borders. She is full of insight on what kind of tree or shrub is best for a particular end goal you’re wanting, or which technique you can use to make your life a bit easier when it comes to maintaining your lawn. Catherine essentially puts the power into your own hands! At the same time, she is the one you want to call when you need capable hands to take care of all of it for you! No outdoor area is too small or too large for Catherine to pour her effort into! She can redesign the cozy front porch that you’re just not quite satisfied with, or effect a large-scale transformation of acres. I promise you that you’ll be wowed by her work…check out her incredible material on Facebook!

So…how does Catherine’s line of work apply to you? Well, spring is coming, which means you might be wanting to say, out with the old and in with the new, as you re-imagine your outdoor space? Maybe you’ll want to try out some of her tips and techniques on your own, or perhaps you’ll be giving her a call sometime soon! Catherine’s expertise especially comes into play if you are considering selling your home…curb appeal and outdoor living are two HIGHLY desirable elements when it comes to listing! Before selling your home, it is always a good idea to make improvements here and there, prior to photography being done. Sometimes these are little improvements, but honestly sometimes, a bit more is needed in order to get the best buyer feedback!

photo credit: Catherine Arensberg

If you’re interested in getting you’re home on the market any time soon — or even if you’re not — I would encourage you to follow Catherine on Facebook & Youtube. She is also on Amazon Prime Video and Pureflix! Even after following her for so long, I feel like I only am aware of a scratch on the surface of this woman’s knowledge and capability…She’s truly incredible!

Wanting to talk about listing your home, or simply making some outdoor updates? I would love to have that conversation! Brooke Butler @ (251) 232-9901

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