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Meet Kristie Wright – Your Real Estate Advocate and Friend!

It’s time to talk about Kristie Wright! Not only is Kristie the type of agent you want advocating for your real estate needs, but she’s also just the sort of friend you want to have by your side. An energetic, fun-loving wife and mother, Kristie draws out the joy in life and helps her family, friends, and clients do the same! A native of Baldwin County for the past 25 years, Kristie has always been very family-oriented, and this is a huge part of what led her to real estate in the first place.

From Property Management to Dream Home Matchmaker

Kristie and her family originally moved to Baldwin County from Tennessee for her father’s job transfer as a railroad engineer. It was here that Kristie entered the world of property management, and after ten years in the business, Kristie decided she wanted to be more on the selling side of things rather than on the management side. She’d be the first to tell you that the decade in property management enabled her to step into real estate with her eyes wide open and with the advantage of so much hands-on experience in the field. It was also right here in Fairhope that she met and married her husband, Lee Wright. Lee works at family-owned Cockrell’s Body Shop on US-98, and if you’re wondering if Kristie is tuning up cars in her spare time, the answer is emphatically…no!

Adventures, Family, and Home: Kristie’s Recipe for Happiness

Growing up, Kristie has particularly fond memories of her family’s many camping excursions. Her grandparents owned a camper, so the trips never ended! Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alaska…there were no limits to where they might trek next! This element of adventure and exploration is something Kristie and Lee are eager to provide for their children as well. Nowadays, family vacation looks like visiting the Caribe every year before school starts, with brand new destinations on the agenda the rest of the time, like the Blue Ridge Mountains, Cape San Blas, or a Disney Cruise! Kristie and her family live in Daphne’s Belforest area. When asked if, given the choice, she would rather have fun renovating her current home or go for a new house, Kristie would quickly reply she’d rather keep her current home! She loves their neighbors, the Belforest school her children attend, and the friendships there. If you ever went nosing through their house, you’d find it full of all the outdoors-y things with endless memories attached: camping gear, hunting gear, kayaks, and bikes galore!

Beyond Real Estate: A Passion for Helping Others

At the end of the day for Kristie, real estate comes down to family. The main drawing card for becoming a licensed agent was that she could help her many family members with their real estate needs, and have the flexibility to be fully present in her kids’ lives. Kristie explains, “Buying or selling a house is a special step, and as an agent, I get to be a part of it. My friends and family have someone they trust and can call fifteen hundred times, and I enjoy being part of that big time in their life.”

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