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Meet TEN North Section

Meet the newest rental in downtown Fairhope: 10 N Section Street

How did we end up owning a rental property? We found the property closed up and abandoned, and had passed it frequently without giving it a second thought. What used to be an industrial kitchen now was filled with hope and exciting new plans! We dove headfirst into demolition, painting, stuccoing, and so much more. It gave us a new appreciate for all those home renovation shows! (Chip & Joanna Gaines, anyone?)

The former life of our building!
Let the demo begin!

This project also opened our eyes to the realm of rental properties/real estate. It’s a whole new sector that we hadn’t delved into until now!

After a long few months, we’re finally excited to share that we are OPEN and taking bookings! This property allows guests to experience the heart of downtown Fairhope, a city we love dearly.

What do we think? Would you stay here?

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