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What type of home is right for you?

Wondering what your property-type persona is? We’ve got you covered!

Just as your Enneagram, personality type, or even Horoscope can say so much about you, the same is true for what type of property you are looking for. To find out what property is best for you, you need to research the market. It’s important to understand what is happening in the housing market and what is driving the economy. 

The ultimate decision comes down to your individual lifestyle and financial freedom. Is it more important to live in your own home or have the flexibility to live in an area of your choice?

Still scratching your head? Look no further, we broke it down into four categories:

Single-Family, Farm, Condo, or Waterfront?
  1. Single-Family Home

Buying a house or a home to live in is not only a sentimental process it is also a practical idea. Perfect for those who don’t want to share walls, and want plenty of square footage. If you’ve been dreaming of a yard, this is ideal for you! The value of land is a big draw card as it appreciates over time and offers future opportunities.

  1. Ranch or Farm

Many homebuyers move from the city to the country for benefits like less traffic, reduced stress, more contact with nature and animals, and, oftentimes, lower crime rates. Love the idea of living on sprawling land? This option is superb for you! You enjoy being friends with the neighboring animals, enjoy the solidarity, and don’t mind a little further drive to run errands.

  1. Condo or Townhome

For many first-time homebuyers, an option similar to an apartment may seem the least daunting. The benefits of living in a condo can include a more affordable mortgage payment, less maintenance, and inclusion in a shared community. They’re close to everything you may need, and this option is great if you’re ready to buy, but don’t need the space of a single-family home.

  1. Waterfront

Wishing your beach vacations would never end? With this choice, you’ll have a 24/7 vacation. An added bonus is that Waterfront properties are typically those that see the highest appreciation. With the water at your fingertips, the opportunities are endless! 

Everyone’s needs and desires are different, which is why finding the best property is so crucial!

Still have some questions? Call The Dorman Group at 251-656-5758. Ready to purchase your perfect property? Give us a call to tour our best listings!

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