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What Makes Fairhope Sunsets So Special?

photo credit: Travis Middleton

Among MANY other things, the sunrises and sunsets on Mobile Bay are one of the main calling cards that set Fairhope apart!

Of course, the culture of a city is created by the people who live there, but geography really does play a large part as well! One of the best examples of this is charming Fairhope, Alabama. Positioned perfectly on the shores of Mobile Bay, Fairhope as a whole is able to maintain a culture of outdoor “togetherness,” as hundreds of people daily make their way to the Fairhope Pier and South Mobile Street in order to bask in the beauty of a sunrise. There just wouldn’t be much point in having a 1,448-foot pier in the middle of a bog! But thankfully, the city has been able to establish walking trails, picnic parks, multiple piers, high-end residences, and entire neighborhoods along what would be considered one of Fairhope’s finest assets: the views of Mobile Bay.

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photo credit: Kelly Allen

Whether you’re a Fairhope native, or if this bustling place is your favorite annual vacation spot, we would all most likely agree that the Fairhope Pier, with its beautiful rose gardens, tree trail, duck pond, and sandy beach, makes this place so desirable because of the views. I don’t know about you, but I feel like I’m walking right out into the sunset by the time I get to the very end of the pier. And showcasing arched oak trees and Spanish moss, the walking routes along South Mobile Street provide the same breathtaking experience for the ones walking their dogs, jogging, or leisurely strolling. Untold numbers of family, bridal, and graduation photoshoots have taken place against the backdrop of Fairhope’s sunsets, as well as weddings and other aesthetic events. I have not personally researched whether there are statistics related to Fairhope sunrises and sunsets directly bringing in traffic to local Fairhope businesses (like Hertha’s, Gigi & Jay’s, or The Happy Olive, to name a few), but one thing I do know is that this spectacular natural beauty definitely is not hurting our traffic flow?

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