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Winter Home Maintenance Tips

Winter Home Maintenance Tips

As the days grow shorter and you spend more time indoors, it’s more important than ever to make sure your home is ready for winter. Check out these winter home maintenance tips below:

  1. Check your heating system – you should have your heating system checked by a professional at least once a year. This is a preventive measure so you don’t end up with a breakdown in the middle of a cold front.
  2. Have your chimney cleaned – regular cleaning is essential for a properly functioning fireplace. Plan ahead and schedule an inspection and cleaning!
  3. Check your smoke & carbon monoxide detectors – In the winter, our doors and windows stay closed tight to keep out the cold air, which means fresh air flow is at a minimum. This means your home is more susceptible to build-up of dangerous gasses like carbon monoxide. 
  4. Prevent pipes from freezing – Although our freezing days are few & far between here in Alabama, it is not a bad idea to add some insulation to your pipes. And if you know it’s going to freeze one night, even leave your water dripping. 

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