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Your Sedgefield Home is Waiting for You!

385 Surtees St

Nestled within the quaint and idyllic streets of the Sedgefield Neighborhood lies a hidden gem that embodies the essence of dreamy Southern living – 385 Surtees St. This charming residence encapsulates the warmth and allure of the South, offering not just a house but a haven brimming with stories waiting to unfold.

Front Elevation

Stepping onto the grounds of this property feels like entering a realm where time slows down. The elegant façade, adorned with its traditional design and enveloped by a serene ambiance, evokes a sense of enchantment. Beyond the front door awaits a home that embraces you with its grace and sophistication.


Upon crossing the threshold, you’re greeted by a meticulously crafted interior that seamlessly blends modern convenience with timeless charm. The 4 bedrooms and 3 baths effortlessly accommodate both family and guests. Each space is meticulously designed, inviting you to make your mark while offering move-in-ready comfort.

Primary Bedroom

The heart of the home, the kitchen, stands as a focal point, boasting not only functionality but a cozy atmosphere that beckons culinary exploration and heartwarming gatherings. As sunlight dances through the windows, the living areas bask in a soft glow, perfect for tranquil moments or lively celebrations.

Breakfast Nook

But it’s not just the interior that captures the imagination. The outdoor space, adorned with an enlarged porch, extends an invitation for peaceful contemplation or jubilant festivities under the Southern sky.

Back Porch

385 Surtees St is not merely a house; it’s an invitation to embrace a lifestyle. It beckons those with an appreciation for the charm of yesteryears and the convenience of modernity. Its very essence whispers promises of laughter, comfort, and cherished memories waiting to be made.

In a town known for its Southern hospitality, this residence stands as a testament to the allure of Fairhope, Alabama – a place where dreams intertwine with reality, and a house becomes a cherished home.

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